Spotify announces new plan for the participation of double the price of 12.49 euros

سبوتيفاي تعلن عن خطة جديدة لاشتراك مزدوج بسعر 12.49 يورو

Announced a Spotify subscription plan new services to its music on behalf of the Premium Duo, designed this plan to provide for the involvement of double any two people for a fee less compared with the paid subscriptions with as well as less than the subscription price for the family, this will be the plan for 12.49 euros per month.

The new plan comes also with the advantage as the Duo Mix provide a list of listening suggestions based on the history of the participants and the gathering, instead of making proposals linked to the experience of the user individual.

And Spotify offer their service paid 9.99 euros per person, that is, in case anyone wants to sign up you must pay 19.98 euros, but the new plan will decrease the price a lot in the case of the desire of two people close to sign up with. But participants in the service to live near each other, as was the case with contributions to the family.

It is worth mentioning that the company provides monthly contributions to the family compared to 14.99 euros and allows up to 6 participants to take advantage of them.

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