Spotify acquires the studio producing podcasts Parcast

سبوتيفاي تستحوذ على استديو إنتاج المدونات الصوتية Parcast

Announced Spotify for the acquisition of a new day, to join their studio production, audio blogging Parcast under its wing, enhancing the company’s presence in the world of podcasts known as a podcast through the production of stories and special programs through the acquisition of new.

Was Studio Parcast has been established in 2016, said the production 18 process my voice since that time, where he produced stories about serial killers and issues of the mysterious, as well as various theories and stories of science fiction, the business enjoys a sense of drama demanded my stories interesting, had contributed to its success.

Blogs are a voice that the progress of the work of crime-related stories mystery of the most prevalent around the world, which is what you’re trying to Spotify exploited to support its presence in the market.

It is worth mentioning that the company didn’t know about the value of the acquisition, preferring to make it a secret.

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