“Spotify – Spotify” continue to enter the crowded digital music market in the region

For just a few hours this morning, allowing service Spotify, the Swedish digital music, which owns more than 190 million users around the world pages to trade using support advance in many Arab countries including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, before to decorate those pages later today.

Although at the current time it is still not possible for users in those states registry in the service, except that the step comes to reaffirm the forecast and news informal frequency over the past months confirming that the service will be available in the countries of the region before the end of the current year.

Join Spotify, which are among the largest broadcast services digital music online in the world to the hot competition already in this market in the Arab region. And competition in the region is currently confined to between the “Anghami – Anghami”, the service is of Lebanese origin are the most widespread in the region after its alliance with the MBC and the number of its users 55 million users, and”desert – Deezer” which is the service of a foreign launched in France, but it began to spread in the region recently, especially after that possessed the “Kingdom Holding” a share in the company amounting to $ 266 million in last August.

While the region among the emerging markets in the field of broadcast digital music online, except that this market holds prospects are enormous in the area gathered by one language and market Music shared to a large extent what makes the target extremely large. It is reported here that the “Anghami” has achieved profit of $ 10 million for 2016, emphasizes the fact that this market, though still at the beginning of the growth, however, represents a tremendous opportunity to expand in the near future.

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