Spent$ 1 million against the apple of a young man was imprisoned because of an error recognition systems on the face of the company

قضية بقيمة 1$ مليار ضد آبل من شاب تم سجنه بسبب خطأ أنظمة التعرف على الوجه للشركة

At the end of last year, specifically November 29, was arrested on a young American in New York named Osman Bah on the background stole some Apple stores in a row, but this guy gets out of prison later as he appeared innocent of the story. But now he is back again to get compensation due to this error which threw him in prison.

He was the detective on the case at the time found that the documents Usman Bah has been stolen and used in the store, and since personal identity does not contain the image of the company is conducted using recognition systems to connect the image of a person with his identity, so I sent pictures and data of the company which, in turn, the arrest of Osman, but then proceed to a detective case in the detection of the circumstances found that the pictures that you sent Apple TV is not nothing, but it is a completely different person, and that the young man was at the prom in conjunction with the theft of one of the Apple stores.

After all the fuss, came to Osman-Bahn to claim damages of one million dollars through a case filed against the manufacturers of the iPhone because of its mistake against him.

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