Speed up Android updates and prove the strength of its phones ..the first of the objectives of the LG

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إسراع تحديثات أندرويد وإطالة عمر هواتفها الذكية ..أولى تحديات إل جي القوية

Opened the company LG Electronics recently west of the South Korean capital of Seoul, the center of a special breeding programme to help her overcome the enormous obstacles that it faces in the smartphone market the fast-paced. The center of the upgrade programme is the first of its kind which aims to provide faster updates for operating systems of smart phones and programs for users around the world. The Community Centre upgrade programme new centre LG research & development in Maga-Dong, west of Seoul. The company relies on speeding up Android updates and providing to the user thereby confirming its commitment to meeting the needs of the users.

Came this step after the appointment of jo seong-Jin as Head of the new Board of Directors of the company at the end of last year and make the company to many changes in leadership positions. Jane had been expressed immediately after assuming office, he expressed interest in providing updates for operating systems and programs are characterized by stability and compatibility with devices. To assure customers of LG to smart phones, enjoy the age long characterized by their ability to control.

The first task of the group center upgrade the new programme is to provide a version of Android oreo before the end of the current month phones LG G6

It posed during the previous year, local agents first, and then to its customers all over the world. Aspire LG to the acceleration of updates to Android phones its smart so after weeks of updating the corporate competition for android on its phones.

This is located on the centre continuously tests the stability and compatibility between software and hardware. Targeted to accelerate the updates without thinking about the quality and performance of their products. It will also be the center shall publish these updates phones LG smart world until the turn of the access of all users to the same level of service, where he developed the company’s customer support service after-sales as one of the most important priorities.

Recall that the company had been criticized sharply as a result of the delay for years in the Android System Update by air discharged. How late was it released for G7 ThinQ smart associated.

This has cut the company promised an unspecified investment of more resources to extend the lives of its smart phones. Although the company has succeeded in fulfilling its promises, we can expect that competition will intensify between the G7 phone and from the following versions of hand with phones Apple and Samsung on the other. But that will require that you use the LG the trust of their customers after years of delays.

Speed up Android updates and prove the strength of its phones ..the first goals of the LG

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