Specifications Price phone Motorola One Vision new

Knocking through a few days in the market phone Motorola One Vision of the new specifications is wonderful, makes it one of the phones the first row and at a price premium much less than those amazing possibilities, where up to 336 USD only, perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this new phone is its camera, and their different levels of lighting in the leading smart phones in the market and on top of the iphhone.

Specifications phone Motorola One Vision

مواصفات وسعر هاتف Motorola One Vision الجديدSpecifications Price phone Motorola One Vision new

Buying phone Motorola One Vision on a screen size of 6.3 inches with a structure of long and the width to height of 21: 9 is designed to play YouTube videos and Netflix is the best because they are the dimensions of the movie, it’s anti-spray, and use the phone to Google Photos by default, and can guarantee the security updates monthly for a period of three years as part of the Android One of Google.

It will also be one of the first users to upgrade to Android Q As soon as it becomes ready this summer, Motorola has excelled in the manufacture of this phone by putting the features related to camera and photos and at a price much lower than those of the nurses, let’s start by using the sensor 48 megapixel camera, which uses binix binning to merge pixels in the image 12 MP camera designed to make images less distortion, there is also a sensor depth of 5-megapixel camera on the back next to it, which helps in showing the profound impact is desirable, which can not list the phone’s camera without it.

Is Tools comprehensive camera including the features of the phones worth $ 1000, such as setting night photography night vision camera AI to select viewer settings, automatic pressure until the image looks best appearance, there is also a way to capture spontaneous pictures when out smile everyone (was this included in the phones Moto other such as the G7) and the composition clever will be the formulation of your photo based on the rule of thirds.

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Finally there are the lighting modes of the vertical for each of the front camera 25 megapixel and rear camera, knocking the phone Motorola One Vision in markets in two colors, Sapphire, bronze, and to the Arab region, namely the kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the week at the latest and may be much earlier.

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