Specifications enormous.. Microsoft launches computer retractable

Can call Microsoft in the first half of 2020, tablet PC folding, has spread rumors about the tablet dual-screen since last year will put the company soon, it was also emphasized that the company showed a similar device to the staff earlier this month, now I told the market research firm IHS Markit magazine Forbes that the device will be ready sometime during the first six months of 2020, it is expected to run both apps Android and the iCloud from Apple.

According to the “information supply chain” with IHS, Markit, can contains the new device on the screen of two 9-inch ratio of 4: 3, will be used operating system Windows Lite, as there is significant cooperation between Intel and Microsoft in order to bring out this device in the best images, where reports confirm company IHS Markit that this device will come with a processor Lakefield which covers an area of 10 nm from Intel.

Also expected to be always connect via LTE or 5G, we don’t know how much can cost device tablet is a dual screen, or whether it will be able to win a lot of users when released, but which no doubt have noticed we have all that a lot of companies such as Samsung and Huawei have ambitions to manufacture a device with a screen double or folding, so it is not surprising to see Microsoft is also seeking it.

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