Specifications amazing.. ask the phone “OnePlus 7” in 4 countries

Revealed the company “OnePlus” on the official supplier to ask the latest phones which carries the name “OnePlus 7”.

He said the Chinese company said in a statement Tuesday that it will hold a news conference on the fourteenth of May next, at 11 AM Eastern time, the declaration put forward its new phone.

According to the company asking the phone “OnePlus 7”, is in conjunction with the four cities are: New York, London, Beijing and Bangalore.

طرح هاتف «OnePlus 7»Ask the phone “OnePlus 7”

“Pete Lao “the CEO of the company, he will put up a copy 5G of OnePlus 7 Pro.

He confirmed that this device will include a new kind of display (rumor suggests that the rate of updated 90 Hz), may contain phones camera, selfie pop-up also.

The company “OnePlus” has increased the interest in the hobby of its own, to enter the competition again, and after that its sales have declined dramatically in front of a lot of startups, which adopted the modern technology in the smart phone industry.

Regained company last year as part of its place, so after asking my phone “OnePlus 6” and”6T”, so decided to make a new version of smart phone named “OnePlus 7”.

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