Specification Osmo Mobile 3 new

Company continues to DJI to improve the technique gimbal for smartphones through the launch of Osmo Mobile 3, a version of the cheaper and more convenient to travel from the style of the latter, features a electronic stabilization design a new foldable and fully occupies a lot less space, at the same time easier to work, thanks to a rapid transformation of the new works to transform the gimbal of the vertical situation to situation handheld without having to remove the phone.

Additional features in Osmo Mobile 3

Osmo Mobile 3 الجديد بتصميم رائع يجعله أكثر سهولة في الإستخدامOsmo Mobile 3 new fantastic design which makes it more easy to use

Although the mechanism of the fold-ins, but it is still lightweight and allows you to export up to 15 hours before the battery runs out, moreover get rid of a single complaint large was present with Osmo 2, which is to model complex design it is no longer back suitable shipping photos, allowing easy connection to charge the device or use external mics, other than that the Osmo Mobile 3 packing many of the same features for Osmo 2, allowing you to maneuver using the joystick and selecting modes such as Story and Sport and TimeLapse and Slow Motion.

As before let you the various triggers to enlarge the contact and lock it unlock it and move to the display image of the character, will put ActiveTrack, which is activated by clicking on the download-once, track the subject and keep it centered in the frame, maybe the most exciting part is the new price at least, where Osmo Mobile 3 now compared to 119 USD for the standard version, or less than $ 10 from the last model, that the package also includes a tripod holder Osmo Grip and a tote bag.

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