Specification characteristic.. Google unveils beta version for Android Q

Revealed Google is finally about the beta version to the latest versions of the operating system Android, known as Android Q, As it became clear stretch this system to talk to the nurses, which will help with a more efficient and quality, as we point out now via leading Android updates Q recently announced.

The timing of the GPS

مواصفات مميزة.. جوجل تكشف عن النسخة التجريبية لأندرويد Q

Explained Google via its official blog, announced the availability of Android Q A chance to determine the choice of one among three for users, either leaving the app to determine the user’s location, or to specify the site in case of use of the application only, or not specify the location of the user of basis, which is different from the current version of Android, which is the choice of the user between only two things, either provide the GPS service or not.

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