Specification and price tablet Galaxy Tab S 5. Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung announced the new iPad, the Galaxy Tab S 5 days, which comes to designing light and so thin and specifications of the medium .

The design and the advantages and disadvantages of Galaxy Tab S 5 days .

The tablet came from metal with rounded edges and Samsung has said about the tablet is that it is elegantly designed and offers comfort and flexibility to the holder, a weight of 400 grams and with a thickness of 5.5 mm, fitted with sensor-fingerprint built-in to your main on the side of the device, and supports the tablet features of the Samsung Dex this feature allows you to switch from interface Android to the desktop experience, the user can through Samsung Dex also connect the tablet with bigger screen and use the device screen as a trace or a pad for drawing.

Samsung said the user can also work on the new tablet while it is connected with bigger screen and is what prevents the two screens to accomplish the task, features the Galaxy Tab S 5 days it with speakers double HD one upstairs and the other downstairs with a company AKG’s leading technology audio with surround sound technology Dolby Atmos which makes it offers a wonderful experience to view the media, its also that he possessed the tools to edit photos and videos, and the ability to play all file formats.

This device has the 4 external speakers, possesses a high-resolution screen so that the screen size of 10.5 inches and running a distance of %81.6 of the total area of a tablet and is of type Super Amoled display, the dimensions of the 16:10 2560 x 1600 pixels, the tablet with interface Samsung’s new One UI, the disadvantages of the device are the lack of support for his broadcasting system, and the lack of support for NFC technology .

The performance of the Galaxy Tab S 5 days .

The processor of the type Snapdragon 670 eight nuclei with a frequency up to 2.0 GHz processor and the facility processor graphics Adreno 615, and comes by the first Bram 6 GB and the internal storage space of 128 GB, and the second Bram is 4 GB and the internal storage space of 64 GB and can be installed memory, external storage up to 512 GB, making the device a strong competitor for many other tablet devices .

Camera the Galaxy Tab S 5 days

Galaxy Tab S 5 days comes with a camera background accurately 13 mega pixel girl Lens 2.0 and technology supports auto-focus of the image, and the front camera is also accurately 8 mega pixels and a girl Lens 2.0 supports the feature to unlock through the face, as this gives the average performance for devices tablet competition .

Battery Galaxy Tab S 5 days

The battery is non-removable with a capacity of 7040 MS amp supports fast shipping, Samsung it’s able to work for 14 hours and a half of watching the video .

The colors of the Galaxy Tab S 5 days

Will be available the tablet in several options of colors and are the golden and the silver and black

The price of the Galaxy Tab S 5 days

Is expected to be for sale the end of next month at a starting price of $ 400 for the least .

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