Specialists iFixit got AirPods 2. What’s interesting inside?

Since the start of sales of the updated AirPods it was not long, however, the experts of the workshop iFixit managed to get a novelty among the first to conduct a thorough analysis of components for possible innovations. Has improved maintainability compared to the first generation? If improvement in the internal layout? All of these questions, the specialists of iFixit ready to give an answer.

First, as noted by the experts of the workshop is the fact that the headphone design has not undergone any changes: case updated AirPods still is attached with glue. To disassemble the headphones as the box without damaging the outer shell, is simply impossible.

With regard to internal layout, changes there is really little. Experts have discovered that the motherboard in the case now has a water repellent coating. In addition, the hinge is stronger and more reliable.

Internal headphone design has remained virtually the same: on the Board you can discover only new chip H1 and the Apple audio codec Apple 338S00420. Capacity miniature batteries has not changed.

The miracle did not happen — dismantling of headphones showed that the new product absolutely beyond repair — gadget “awarded” 0 points out of a possible 10 on iFixit’s rating.

Experts have called AirPods 2 “disposable” and predicted a quick resource generation batteries. However, the experts praised Apple for successful layout of the headphone in such a small package, the engineers managed to place the battery, microphone, antenna, and speaker fee.

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