Speakers Apple HomePod is being shipped with a copy of the ” experimental ” from the iOS system

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When Apple announced the first smart speaker Apple HomePod, it turns out also that this device already comes with many of the ingredients which are used also on iPhones, so it was not surprising for us to know that the smart speaker Apple HomePod will be in fact a copy of the iOS system which helps in the operation of the speaker smart and develop his abilities.

But according to a new report released recently from the website 9to5mac, it turns out that the speakers smart HomePod that make their way to customers operating in fact by a trial of the iOS system. To be more specific, the charge amplifiers smart HomePod with the beta version of iOS do the 11.2.5. With regard to what this means for users, it probably doesn’t mean much, because Apple will surely be very confident about the stability before you make that all consumers.

However, it also means that we should expect the speaker Apple HomePod on a new update in the near future that would bring the official version of the iOS system, although we are still not sure of the date this occurs. In the case if you own a HomePod, it will be the update procedure for loudspeaker through the application of the Home on your iPhone.

The launch of the smart speaker Apple HomePod officially at the end of last week, and even now most of the reviews are largely positive, at least when it comes to sound quality. For some negative aspects, not a sign of ” intelligence“, where a lot of people find that intelligent Apple HomePod does not rise to the intelligence of the speakers of the other smartphones like the Google Home, and Amazon Echo.


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