Spark will turn your car into a hotspot Wi-Fi

AT&T and Harman introduced the OBD-II dongle for vehicles that will be able to distribute Wi-Fi, and also allow you to monitor the whereabouts of your car and have it diagnosed.

Spark is a great upgrade option for older cars. OBD-II dongle is compatible with cars manufactured after 1996 and equipped with the appropriate connector.

The owner of the car, just install the app from the app Store or Google Play and insert a Spark in the OBD-II connector. After that, he has a whole list of new features:

  • Emergency Crash Assistance – in the event of an accident, you will be sent a request to see if help is needed;
  • Virtual Mechanic – helps to monitor the safety, alerting you to any potential problems with the car and offering options to address them;
  • WatchIt – warns you if the car is hit, towed or moved when you are not near. Also helps keep track of the location of the car if it was stolen;
  • Roadside Assistance Manager – sets the label location of a vehicle and sends a request for technical assistance 24/7;

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot – 4G deals-the Internet and allows you to connect up to 8 devices;
  • Geofences – allows you to track the location of a vehicle when driving one of your loved ones. You can specify the limits of movement of the machine;
  • Family share/Fleet manager – sends location family or working vehicle, and monitors it;
  • Parking Reservations – allows you to reserve and pay for a Parking space so you don’t have to drive in circles in his search;
  • Driving score and tips – analyzes the behavior of the driver behind the wheel and gives hints that he could improve his skills.

Harman Spark will go on sale September 28. The device cost $79.99, plus $5 per month for the service (minimum package of $5 – no mobile Internet). The dongle is sold exclusively at AT&T.

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