SpaceX wins the contract to military to launch a satellite aboard a rocket Falcon Heavy

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سبيس إكس تفوز بعقد عسكري لإطلاق قمر صناعي على متن صاروخ فالكون هيفي

Won company SpaceX SpaceX ‘s first military contract and its value of $ 130 million to send a satellite to the US Air Force into space aboard rocket Falcon heavy Falcon Heavy, is scheduled to launch the satellite, known as AFSPC-52 in 2020 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Thus, the company SpaceX may miss the company of a coalition of all the United ULA -a company created in collaboration between my company, Lockheed Martin and Boeing in 2006 – which was equipped to use the rocket Delta 4 heavy own to send this military satellite into space.

One of the objectives of rival firms against each other to win contracts like this is to reduce costs to the government. Where said General John Thompson, Station commander Air Force missile systems: :the granting of launch contract to SpaceX fits the task of providing space capabilities flexible and affordable for our nation while maintaining guaranteed access to space”. Where the average price for launch of the delta 4 approximately 350 million dollars and is building a missile heavy from NASA so far.

It is said Goya Hotel President and Director of operations at SpaceX: “the company explains its choice of the air force rocket Falcon heavy satellite launch AFSPC-52, although this contract refers to the trust of the American army in company”.

It is through the award of a contract all this to the company SpaceX awarded Air Force American company a vote of confidence in the rocket Falcon heavy, which was launched only once so far, was the first to launch has been successfully completed in the month of February last after seven years of development and tests.

Comes ready to the United States Air Force the USAF to take advantage of the new missile as an ending for a protracted, which passed by SpaceX for the adoption of the rocket Falcon 9 missions of the military. Where she spent the SpaceX about two years and spent at least 60 million and established a lawsuit against the U.S. Air Force to obtain a certificate of military intercept missiles, the Falcon 9 has been dropped the lawsuit a few months ago from believe – and since then has won the SpaceX five decades after the adoption of its missiles to carry out military tasks.

It is worth mentioning that the rocket Falcon Heavy is not only cheaper in price at all it is also the largest and most powerful rocket in the world, where he can ask for more than twice the load required by any missile in the world, which makes it distinct from the rivals accordingly, the company is trying to SpaceX, acquisition contracts, operations and commercial launch of both projects, space agencies and official institutions.

Didn’t SpaceX so now select the date fixed for the launch of the second rocket Falcon heavy. Wherein said Elon musk the CEO of the company in the month of February last: “it will take from three to six months”. Although it may have been postponed to the month of October according to a recent report from Florida today. It’s important to send more than two dozen satellite smaller space. It is envisaged that the launch of a third at the end of the year.

Stated Elon musk in the month of February last “may cost Falcon heavy SpaceX 500 million dollars for its construction and development.” But with the discount provided by the SpaceX prices ever compared to competitors such as the coalition of all the United ULA, it is still expected to make a giant rocket more profits as long as there are customers in need.

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