SpaceX launches 60 satellite internet space cheap

After delayed for a few days from the expected date, the company has launched space rocket SpaceX the first batch of a group of satellites with Starlink through the rocket Falcon 9 on its use.

The first batch includes 60 satellite will revolve around Earth at an altitude of 500 km, this is considered a heavier load ( more than 13 tons ) was sent into space successfully via the rocket Falcon 9 fly back to Earth safely.

Thanks to the light weight design flat satellites, the company was able to put 60 satellites in a single load in a matrix vertically. Each satellite of the group of stations broadcast unit supplied by solar energy.

The design of these satellites communicate with the ground station to coordinate the movement with some rather than communicate with each other. A down payment of the total 12 a satelite company intends to SpaceX to carry it into space until the middle of 2020 to secure connection to the internet space at a speed of 1 gigabit per second.

The company received the approval to send 4425 satelite, and then it was approved for 7000 satelite extra to be placed in the low track is 340 miles this is expected to be the middle of the satellite theme in place by March 2024.

The internet space is a concern for many companies today, not only Starlink from Elon Musk. In February the company launched OneWeb about 6 satellites, it is also regarded as a company Blue Origin special to the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos launched more than 3 thousands of satellite.

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