SpaceX is going to build a 1 million satellite ground stations in the framework of the project Starlink

The company SpaceX has applied to the Federal communications Commission (FCC), which describes a plan to create an unearthly infrastructure for its satellite network Starlink, according to GeekWire, citing relevant documents. As specified in these documents information, SpaceX is going to build a 1 million earth stations. They plan to use to receive signals from the orbital satellites group numbering 12 000 vehicles, half of which is planned to be deployed already by 2024.

The document on the establishment of the ground infrastructure was submitted to the FCC subsidiary company SpaceX Services. It contains a minimum of details, but nevertheless some aspects open. The company promises that the ground station will be based on “advanced technologies” that will enhance the quality of broadband access. It also indicates that to transmit signals between ground stations and the satellite constellation, SpaceX plans to use the flat antenna phased array operating in the Ku-band.

The application States that the standards established by the FCC for most of the antennas shall not extend to the development of SpaceX. Previously, the Agency has admitted that existing regulations designed for a constellation of satellites placed in geostationary orbit, and the company plans to bring the spacecraft into low earth orbit.

In November last year reported that the company Elon musk has received permission to run all the planned constellation of satellites Starlink. The first batch of satellites, consisting of 4425 vehicles, plan to place at the height of 1110-1325 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. The second will be placed at a height 335-346 kilometers. This arrangement will shorten the lifetime of satellites, but will reduce delay in signal transmission, according to the company. The first two of the experimental apparatus, which will be part of the future of the satellite constellation Starlink, the company launched into orbit last year.

Filed in the FCC document also indicates that the ground station to transmit satellite signals is planned to place throughout the USA including Alaska and Hawaii. Also, dots will be placed in Puerto Rico and the virgin Islands.

Earlier, the head of SpaceX Elon Musk said that the main aim of the project Starlink is providing high-speed, reliable and affordable broadband data transmission not only of U.S. residents but the whole world. Current estimates indicate that more than 3.8 billion people worldwide do not have access to the Internet. It is expected that the connection speed Starlink even in the most remote regions will reach up to 1 Gbps.

In October of last year experts from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) conducted an assessment of the plans SpaceX, recognizing that one of the most difficult elements of the project will be the construction of ground stations.

“SpaceX will need a large number of stations that the system worked at full capacity,” — said in conclusion.

Four years ago when Musk first announced the idea Starlink, he stated that the income from this enterprise will allow us to recoup some of the more ambitious projects, among which including the creation of the first Martian colony.

It is estimated that the project satellite Internet Starlink will cost SpaceX around $ 10 billion, but by the mid-2020s years, these costs should be recouped. According to internal documents, satellites for Internet distribution will be the main source of income for SpaceX, and the annual revenue from Starlink will reach $ 30 billion. Last year for the failure time Musk has fired at least seven employees important project managers. Starlink.

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