SpaceIL will build and send to the moon lander “Genesis 2”

Israeli company SpaceIL despite the unsuccessful attempt of landing a spacecraft “Genesis” to the moon April 11, not discouraged. On the contrary, the head of the Morris Kahn said Saturday that the company will build and launch to the moon automatic station “Genesis-2”. And this time will try to complete planned originally.

“I had time to think in the day about what happened. And given all the support I receive support from people from all over the world, I declare today the beginning of a new project: “Genesis-2″. We started the business, which will be completed,” said Kang in a video published on the page of SpaceIL on Twitter.

The head of a private aerospace company also explained that SpaceIL is not going to rely on public support and added that the engineering team will meet on 14 April to start planning a new project.

The development of the private Israeli machine “Genesis” weighing 585 kilograms started in cancers of the contest Google Lunar X Prize eight years ago. In 2018, the contest ended, however SpaceIL continued to work on the lander after attracting more private investment, spending on project a total of about $ 100 million.

21 February with the help of rocket Falcon 9 SpaceX the American company unit has been placed into earth orbit, and went to his 47 day journey to the satellite of our planet. 4 APR module left lunar orbit and began to prepare for landing on the plain the Sea of Tranquility. The evening of April 11 began the operation of the lunar landing. The process lasted 21 minutes. The module began to slow down, after which the control centre of the mission for a few seconds lost with the module communication. When the craft was within a few kilometers from the surface of the moon he rejected the main engine.

Israel in any case has become the seventh country that has managed to deliver the spacecraft to orbit the moon. The country could become the fourth, among those who were able to deliver an automatic station on the surface of Earth’s natural satellite in working condition (after Russia, USA and China).

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