Spacecraft crash Israeli while landing on the moon

Crashed spacecraft of the Israeli “BS” Beresheet while trying to land on the moon, following a malfunction in the engine by the president.

She wanted Israel to catch up with the list of states that have made the landing successfully on the moon, and the former Soviet Union and the United States of America and China, and came across a draft of its first representative from the private sector, the spacecraft is “BS” (and in Hebrew composition), landing on the moon and take pictures and experience the process, however, they did not successfully complete the task.

Took the “BS” nearly 7 weeks in its journey to the moon, cut through the space 380 thousand kilometres, and has become already at a height of 15 kilometers from its surface, before it crashed.

And spacecraft Israeli approximately $ 100 million (about 1.7 billion EGP), a cooperation project between the foundation “MySpace” SpaceIL, a non-profit funded by the private sector, and Aerospace Industries Israeli IAI, which produces aerial systems and satellite for both military use and civil.

And spacecraft of Israel, which caused the disaster, is the editor of British, developed by the company “NaMo” Nammo, based in Buckinghamshire, south east England, and managed to provide the necessary strength for the arrival of the spacecraft to the moon admirably, but it caused the finish to nip the solutions to the Israeli of this achievement.

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