South Korea up to 1 million subscribers in the 5G, the rate of adoption was much faster than 4G


It seems that it is adopted 5G technology well in South Korea, at least according to the Ministry of Science and technology in the country, by day, June 10, there were a million subscribers in the new generation of networks. You have reached this figure within only 69 days, i.e. in less time by nearly 11 times compared with a 4G network in 2011. The launch of the 5G commercial in South Korea in 3rd day of April, given the number of current subscribers, it means that every day has seen the registration of 17 thousand new subscribers in 5G networks.

Enjoy your phone company SK Telecom about 40 percent of all subscriptions 5G, while both Korea Telecom and LG U about 30 percent of the subscriptions. Have seen both SK Telecom and Korea Telecom to upgrade more customers from 4G to 5G, while the company achieved a +LG U the highest growth of 21 percent in the past month.

Despite the shortcomings observed at speeds of 5G coverage of the initial limited, it appears that installing more stations and force phones 5G like Galaxy S10 5G and LG V50 ThinQ 5G has to convince more consumers moving to 5G.

According to recent developments, you will join the 3 to 4 million additional user in South Korea to the consumer base that used 5G before the end of this year. Demand will be on the phones 5G and coverage improved for the main engine up for adoption rapid.


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