Source Code. Wake up, Neo, you’re stuck in the live Wallpaper

The matrix is the best trilogy of sci-Fi fighters. Movies at least surprised the audience with special effects and instilled in them a desire as well to Dodge bullets and jump on the roofs of skyscrapers. Some went further and began to think seriously about the reality of what is happening around. The possibility of life in the simulation is still there, at least for these ten signs. While people are scratching their heads over the anthropic principle, offer to connect the Matrix to your smartphone. In a live Wallpaper called Source Code.

The legendary characters of the movie — not just stunts, slowly passing bullets and narrow glasses. At the mention of the word “Matrix” often recall the green code consisting of mirroring numbers, letters of the Latin alphabet and syllables of the Japanese alphabet. It hid everything that happens in a fictional world which was closely observed by the operator.

As admitted by the creators of the film, in fact the symbols were encrypted sushi recipe. Anyway, the picture is great and you can spend this weekend. And remember the atmosphere of the Matrix will allow Source Code Live Wallpaper.

From the title it is obvious that the application belongs to the category of personalization. This is a live Wallpaper that will make your home screen smartphone a little less boring. After installing the program the code will evenly fall from the top of the screen and to bring pleasant memories of a wonderful film.

By the way, the same applies to the lock screen and the main menu. Look for the right application has never been so nice.

The original green color is, if you want you can change it to red, blue or even multicolored. In addition, the adjustable speed of the animation, in order not to fall asleep.

Do you believe in the Matrix? Or vehicles just getting ready to take over the world? Share your opinion in the Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

Appendix: Source Code Live Wallpaper
Developer: Team Sean
Category: Personalization
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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