Soon, your phone with a storage capacity of 1 TB

If you feel the discomfort of not carrying your phone capacity storage sufficient for various application your photos and don’t worry, as it seems that we may soon see a phone with the internal memory of a capacity larger than 1 terabyte, faster by ten times than external memory cards traditional.

Although Samsung is known to build the smart phones, except that the section of the memory chip of its own recently announced it has begun production of slices, internal memory phones with a capacity of 1 TB, that is increased production during the first half of the year, but without disclosure of the date of the provision of these slides within the phones the company markets.

Capacity is 1 TB twice the storage of top made by the company in Galaxy Note 9 with as much as 512 gigabytes of address space, which can be up to 1 TB by adding an external memory card dedicated 512 gigabytes of address space, but the new slide you’ll find some phones come by the top without the help of external memory cards with better performance.

Samsung has added later, saying that their technology New able to attain the speed of 1,000 Mbps MB/sec, what means the ability to transfer the HD video size of 5 gigabytes within 5 seconds only, for a full minute in memory cards, traditional means allow the export of high-resolution video more easily.

This is the latest rumor being the Galaxy Note 10 the next may come with the option of an internal memory capacity of 1 TB, despite the lack of any evidence of that yet.

Source: techcrunch

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