Soon you won’t have to wear a pass to get into the subway

The authentication system face recognition is becoming more and more popular: we, for example, when I was at MWC 2019, came to the event with its help. But what if you install such a system in place with a much larger flow of people — for example, in the subway? This idea was implemented in China, where residents no longer have to carry travel cards or money to go to the underground transport.

Testing of the technology began in the city of Shenzhen, where at one station have the opportunity to pay the fare… only one face. To get to the subway, passengers enough to come to a special turnstiles. Will appear on the screen confirming not only the face but also dimension travel, including length of stay in metro.

Before using the system, you must register and bind a method of payment, then the money will be deducted automatically. This kind of “shopping travel” may significantly speed up the passenger flow in the subway because the fare will go less time.

In the face recognition lies the 5G network from Huawei, as well as algorithms with which the artificial intelligence will recognize the faces of the passengers. Why use a network? According to the management of metro, 5G makes this method of payment is much more economical for the city.

Of course, it only works in test mode, but in the future it is planned to implement facial recognition and other passenger facilities. What happens if the system makes a mistake and instead of one person recognizes another, not specified.

China is one of the innovators in the field of face recognition. So, every 30 seconds, it captures those students who are in classrooms of high school № 11 in Hangzhou. The task of technology is to determine the mood of each student. She klassificeret state as happy, angry, scared, embarrassed or upset. In addition, the system records the actions of the students and understand when they write, read, meet the teacher, or sleeping during class.

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