Soon will be able to iPhones replacing car keys

Community works connection car (CCC) with Apple to create a standard “number key” allows drivers to get rid of their keys physical with smartphones that support NFC technology. When doing so, it may not take long before you can use your iPhone to open the lock of your car and run the engine and shutting it.

This week, the society presented the specification of version 1.0 of the digital key that has been developed, and from now on he started the CCC work on the specification version 2.0 of the digital key, and is designed to version 2.0, which was completed in early 2019, the authentication protocol standard between vehicle and smart device.

Once completed, will version 2.0, an integrated solution can companies favor cars officially adopted, and as it refers mahfouz Rahman Chairman of the Board of management of the CCC: ” we are already seeing products on the market to take advantage of the version 1.0 of the digital key, I think the upcoming 2.0 version will have a greater impact on the industry where we will meet the needs of tremendous expansion,” he added, “I am enjoying this exciting journey with the community the CCC where we are changing the way to access the drivers to any vehicle, and add more to the main functions enabled by smart devices in our lives”.

The development of version 2.0 in collaboration with member companies in the CCC, which include Apple, Audi, BM W, GM, Hyundai, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Volkswagen and others.

Added installers on the development of this technique, “we already use our phones to open the doors of homes and offices, so it is logical that the next step is the ability to run our cars digitally” so don’t be surprised the participation of the numeric keypad which will be released to cars in the next two to three years.

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