Soon, uber’s “ladies only”?

You need aweber and similar services to ensure the safety of the passenger and safety of their own data to continue, especially if it was in London. The English capital soon new conditions for these companies which will include the appointment of these companies the person responsible for the security of passengers and will be one of its responsibilities to communicate with the company the event of any crime.

Also for companies to facilitate the process of bringing complaints to the passenger with the option of any person will ride with him with the mention of having a “cars for women only” for example.

On the other side of the supposed to offer these companies a full report the movements of their cars until it is able to monitor the impact of these services based on applications on the city, which is difficult for governments to monitor their own and determine their impact on the over side.

The license to uber have been pulled in London because you know the cars that offer the services of the company of certain crimes in addition to her involvement in leaking the data of citizens in the United Kingdom and the United States and hide it for a year. Apart from all that the accused, led by car drivers the number of sexual assaults, which police tried to deny it and not admit it.

In light of the recent decisions not to respond to aweber in any official form until now. The American company has their freedom to obey the regulations or to continue not to work. What do you think about what uber and similar and see her safe? And do you see driving cars by women is a practical solution to prevent sexual harassment of commuters? Tell us in the comments.

This subject soon.. aweber “for ladies only”? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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