Soon to come Xbox One’s without a drive for 200 bucks

Going to buy a Xbox One S? Maybe you should silent to wait.

According to the source, next year Microsoft will release a new version of this console for just $ 200. The feature of this modification would be in the absence of the drive.

The Blu-Ray drive — not the cheapest item, so removing it will really make the console cheaper. Moreover, now many don’t buy games on disks, using only digital copies.

Microsoft will launch the service disks for the digital copy, although I doubt that we will work. Presumably, the console will appear in the spring.

Except it will be yet some other Xbox One version of S, is also cheaper, but the drive. How much cheaper, not reported, but I think for 50 bucks from the current price of $ 300. It is also unclear what is necessary in this case to donate.

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