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Issued company Casio rich for definition in the world of wrist watches which do not enjoy any famous remember in the world of smart watches her watch the last of the line of Pro Trek Smart at this same time last year. H WSD-F20 smart had little success because their price is extremely high which amounted to 499 us $ terms was enough for many to pull back from the previous purchase I made of a giant wristwatch.

In a new attempt to uncover the Casio for a new smart watch which is the WSD-F20A that offer improvements for to do with the price of $ 399, which, unfortunately, still high.

When the comparison between the H Casio new WSD-F20A and other smart watches available at prices comparable to the price there is many better options even after lowering the price a hundred dollars, but it of course Casio depend on a certain category there are don’t the former which is probably the category that are looking for elegance and the name of the former also.

Although Casio did not disclose formally about the specification of your Clock except that of being just an update and not a new watch fully is indicating that they will come to the same specification as the previous VI that released last year, it also confirms the name of the arena itself which not only changed the status of the letter A at the end.

The hour has come to the same specification as h Casio smartphone that released last year it is supposed to provide WSD-F20A RAM size of 512 MB and internal memory size of 4GB with the operating system WearOS.

Obviously, what you can do with this smart watch is the same as what a user can hours last year than he did which means it will be waterproof up to 50 meters with a screen of the multi-layered-Type LCD and microphone with the possibility to follow the professional activity of the user in addition to the GPS consumes a lot of energy and a compass. In addition to that, you’ll also be able to do trade without using the internet if you have downloaded Maps Google that you want on the memory of the previous smart interior thanks to the presence of الGPS memory which has a capacity of 4 GB.

And integrate the former In addition with the application of the 9 major companies of them View Ranger وHole19 وFishbrain. Hours Pro Trek WSD-F20A smartphone from Casio reach the markets in May at a price of $ 399, you can tell us in the comments if you’re enthusiastic to get a smart watch from Casio or would you prefer to hours company other than as nurses or design?

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