Soon, the application “WhatsApp” will stop working on these phones

About application messaging, chat and the world famous “WhatsApp” WhatsApp to stop supporting some of the phones and operating systems, which makes the app stop working.

Announced “Facebook” Facebook, owner to investigate, stop its support for Nokia S40 and Android operating systems back to Gingerbread Android Gingerbread and iOS 7 or older versions.

The company said that the users of these devices and systems they can’t create new accounts on the app, they can use it until the expiration of the period of support, which will be December 31 of the year for Nokia Nokia S40, the first of February 2020 for the Android back to Gingerbread (Android 2.3.7) and iOS 7.

He said the AD, which was posted as an update on the subject of old publications on the Code of the application, that some of the properties of the app may stop working at any time because of the stopped development of the app on these devices and operating systems.

The “WhatsApp” has stopped working already earlier on the systems of Android in versions older than version back to Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3), Windows Phone Windows Phone 8.0 and earlier versions, and iPhone 3GS (iOS 6), and Nokia Symbian S60, BlackBerry BlackBerry OS BlackBerry BlackBerry 10.

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