Soon, the application of DNS to will VPN network free

قريبًا تطبيق DNS سيدعم شبكة VPN مجانية

In November of last year, the company announced the cloud flair “CloudFlare” which provide the service of content delivery network’s Domain Name System, announced the launch of its application DNS in the Android platform, which in turn forwards DNS requests to your device from servers, CloudFlare, and today the company announced it would add free VPN service to their application, will the water ahead as the Warp.

In relation to this feature, it will increase the amount of privacy while users browse the internet on their phones, despite the fact that the DNS service prevent the carrier from tracking your browsing history, but it does not encrypt internet traffic.

قريبًا تطبيق DNS سيدعم شبكة VPN مجانية

Therefore, with this feature there will be a process of encryption of users ‘ communications with the servers of CloudFlare, and also will aim feature to Warp to the Reduce Data usage by caching and compressing content where possible, and lead use it to hide internet traffic on the phone, including the rest of the applications.

Without IT service will be Warp available in two models the first is free, the other paid, that aims to get the faster performance and that monthly fee is simple, finally, as noted earlier, this feature is not currently available to users, and are in the stages of the first Test, and immediately provide it we will be in the material.

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