Soon the application Google development will recognize languages automatically through the camera

At the current time have the translator Google such a great feature for cross-device camera but you need to specify the language of painting, or writing first before directing the camera to be able to the application from the start of translation.

All of this will end, where he confirmed the site 9to5google, they examined the latest versions of the app and found that Google is working on a new feature of the camera will make the translation method a lot easier for everyone.

Simply as is clear in the title of the news works Google to become the Google Translate able to know the language written in the tablet that automatically starts the upgrade immediately without any intervention from you.

With the development of artificial intelligence techniques this feature perhaps be the best advantage to get the app since a long time to be activated on the application of the Turkish court and even in the lens of the Google Google Lens in the near future.


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