Soon stickers panel Gboard will WhatsApp

قريبًا ملصقات لوحة Gboard ستدعم واتس آب

Since its introduction in October last year, became stickers for WhatsApp, are common among users, but in order to improve the portability of their use, the next step is to merge the keyboards Watson August, and now according to the release “demo” from the application on Android has become the integration of keyboard stickers WhatsApp via the Gboard is available.

Thus will be the Gboard is the first keyboard that will be incorporated into a poster of her in WhatsApp, however it is very likely that the apps show a different keyboard to support this integration, the main purpose is to provide a large number of posters to share in WhatsApp.

قريبًا ملصقات لوحة Gboard ستدعم واتس آب

Finally in the present bit conversion of the posters that are shared from the board Gboard to a photo on WhatsApp, but once that is supporting the merger, they will appear as stickers, there is no doubt that users waiting to experience all of the stickers Selfie Minis and Emojis Minis and two special with Google.

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