Soon, Samsung launches a phone with three screens?

Although the rumors that have been traded during the period last reported that the company Samsung , the South Korean is developing a foldable phone coming soon to market as the Galaxy X to start a new series of flip phones, but this new report, published through The Bell for the first time a different opinion where -by – the processing of the company’s first phone with three screens in the world.

Phone rollaway extraordinary, which add a second screen aside, the most important being the retractable -so that the thoughts of flip phones released already in the market previously – it is possible that comes with two 3.5-inch where to be when an individual phone screen with a diameter of 7 inch that is in your hand to be a tablet and not a smartphone.

As for the second screen is what will be in the back of the phone and will be used when you use the phone itself and not use it as a tablet opens two screens which in the other side, this idea doesn’t seem that anyone had thought of it before.

Not addressed this report with the reports that we have seen over the past months that Samsung intends to introduce foldable phone this year finally after years of research in this university, where, according to reports, have screens folding started since 2011 in the coefficient of Samsung.

The phone that we have, according to these reports don’t seem just a foldable phone is also a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet, making it difficult for the users tested and the number of users directed to them, is it really the phone that Samsung will released it after these years? These days you’ll find us for sure.

Not Samsung alone is of help time to issue a foldable phone. Company Apple in 2017 to obtain a patent for a folding, without knowing a lot of details about this product, both details or an appointment available to see the light. Also the company ZTE has released a phone capable of folding already in last October, which wasn’t a success because his flaws were much more of its features. Other reports also refer to the ready giant Huawei to aggressively entering the competition this year in November.

This subject soon.. Samsung launches a phone with three screens? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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