Soon Huawei P20 Pro will be even more desirable

At the end of this month will begin the IFA 2018. Huawei will be very difficult to show her something even more impressive than the flagship P20 Pro. And so it can safely be called one of the most successful and desired smartphone of the year. The rumours are that the Chinese company the exhibition will bring familiar P20 Pro in a brand new gradient colors.

Many liked the gradient the rear panel of the Huawei P20 Pro. She really looks attractive. To make it better by broadening the set of available colors.

Our colleagues from Android Authority appeared exclusive insider reports that Richard Yu at the presentation within the IFA show P20 Pro in two new colors. In the interests of their source Android Authority did not publish the images, and to disclose the names of the colors. Colleagues tried to describe the new color words.

According to them, the first new color was created by designers who were inspired by the night sky and the Northern lights. Color back cover of the smartphone will flow from black to blue and purple.

The second color was created with thoughts of sea, sand and shells. It goes from white to yellow and pink. They say that the color is very close to rose gold in the usual P20.

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