Soon Google will launch the Google Lens on all android phones and iOS

قريبًا قوقل ستطرح Google Lens على جميع هواتف أندرويد و iOS

قريبًا قوقل ستطرح Google Lens على جميع هواتف أندرويد و iOS

For the first time the company revealed Google during its conference for developers I/O 2017, its new platform for augmented reality AR that bears the name of Google Lens, a platform to operate in integration with the help of its digital Google Assistant to scan in real time, in other words to identify objects using the camera for example can direct the camera on the facade of the restaurant to show its evaluation is immediate and without the need to search manually.

As it currently works with the Service Google image to scan the photos and identify them, but that all methods require two phone pix, but that won’t be long, as the company announced that the Google Lens in the Google image will soon be available to all users of the English language in both Android and iOS, to be able to clear the stomach, and to enable the smartphone to understand what they need by scanning the contents of the image or through the camera feed viewer live if you are using the app through the intelligent assistant.

In addition, she noted that her lens would be compatible with assistant Assistant first with the major phones, and during the coming weeks will add support for more phones, finally away from the extended support, it has received Google Len improvements in its functions, the company says they will soon be able to identify the animals and plants are common, including breeds of dogs and flowers.


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