Soon, car sharing ideas April

Maybe you want a company Nissan from the policies that contain the best technology, which you want many companies, but it seems it’s one of the most ambitious, while we know that a number of attempts to make driving without a driver, Nissan want to make the command by reading the contract.

It was a years ago stop what on to technology now, and no one can now predict what will be the technology for our life in the future. The rapid development in the aspects and applications of many technology is used to see and read the details of it and buy some things also.

Among the aspects that require and benefit from the technology are the automotive, industry to technology began to change her features. In 2017, we saw great strides for cars powered by electricity from the company Tesla let other companies catch up making electric cars.

Technical work on April bearing the name of the Brain to the Vehicle or B2V, and require the wearing device to the head to read the impulses of the mind and control on the basis of which. Of course, it doesn’t seem that it will appear soon but the work of the company policies at this time on such as this technique demonstrates the extent of ambition that have become the vehicle manufacturers of which definitely feel that the technology could reduce the balance of competition in this area.

And you want the company to make the car change its speed and change direction by what’s going on in your mind, do not expect it at that, but you want the company also to use pulses that reads the machine of your mind in creating Joe the car and make it fit what you want according to your will that spin in your mind.

Company Nissan will show us what you’re working on soon after days of CES, the annual show where many of the technological innovations in various fields, which could have a new relay on it to tell Delta technology.

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