Soon bias in Instagram will be a bit less

This photograph of eggs, published in the social network Instagram via the account world_record_egg at the time caused so much noise that if you haven’t seen her, you probably have heard about its popularity. The image of eggs in ten days became the most popular photo in the world with more than 33 million likes, making it the most popular post in the entire history of Instagram. This number of likes is certainly striking, but, in my opinion, it is greatly affected by the factor bias.

The story of the egg was something of a flash mob. Since this photo was nothing special, people would put her likes simply because seen others put huskies. Thus, I believe, works assessment of any other photos in the popular social networks. The probability that you will like the next photo, directly proportional to the number of likes that it’s. I’m not saying that is what really appreciate the posts in Instagram, but the statistics say that so do most.

Everyone has their own opinion about what exactly is wrong with social networking, but the fact that the huskies have become something of a modern currency is a consequence of the existence of modern social networks. In one of the last test versions of Instagram, according to published Jane Manchun Wong (Jane Manchun Wong) screenshots, no count of likes, which now allows the audience to immediately assess how popular a particular post.

The author of the post can still see the number of likes, but as the innovation described in the application, “we want your readers focused on what you share, not on how many likes your posts get. During this test, only one who publishes a post, can see the total number of likes that he gets.”

Perhaps it will help to eradicate bias in social networks, and people finally start to like what they like not what other likes. Maybe it does, and no matter what will not affect, because in addition to likes, there are still a count of subscribers, which will not go away, and is also a measure of popularity.

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