Sony will use the screens OLED flexible with their future

According to a new report from South Korea, signed a Sony deal extensively with LG spend on the supply of the last screens olid to buy Sony, and not just the screens olid simple, but flexible. LG is already supplying screens OLED televisions is Sony’s high-end, but the new deal spending to the partnership also includes the screens OLED flexible smart phones, and this means that in the next phase we’ll see phones from Sony with curved screens. Read also: leaked images phones Sony next full screen and small Sources indicate that the deal is going to go further, where it is expected to get the Sony from this page on the folding screens of smart phones, although it is not clear when exactly this will happen it, which in time ended Samsung almost screen folding phone Galaxy X. The first smartphone from Sony that will screen olid can be announced officially as early as next month at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, and can carry the name Xperia XZ Pro, so the screen might be 4K. Source: Business Korea

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