Sony will take over about half of its staff in the Department of mobile phones by 2020

Expected to reduce the company Sony its activity in the field of mobile phones is the largest yet to be announced earlier this week by the merger of the sections of the TV, Health, cameras. Although it’s not official yet, but it seems that the Japanese company reduced losses to the Department of mobile phones in the shadow of the profits that come from the other business.

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Reports Nikkei Asian that Sony plans to lay off 50% of the workforce in the field of smart phones by 2020, and it is this ratio too high will cause the abandonment of more than 2,000 people, or transfer them to other sections.

The report says that this decision is part of Sony’s move to reduce fixed costs in the business which include procurement reform.

Even though he will transfer some of the Sony employees affected by the decision to the other sections, except that the Japanese police report on a voluntary basis in its operations in Europe and China.

There is also a further step towards reducing costs is to reduce the sale of smart phones in some areas. Actually it seems, will stop Sony from selling smartphones, or sell to the little ones, in South East Asia and some areas the other, this in order to focus on Europe and Asia, where they seem to better markets for their products.

This is the second time in the last five years in which Sony reduced the number of employees in the Department of smart phones. In 2014, the Japanese company laying off 1,000 employees from the Department of cell phones, but that wasn’t enough to stop the losses.


I know of

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