Sony will launch a ride service participatory compete by aweber

Sony has announced about its partnership with a company taxi local in Japan to inaugurate a system of balance between drivers and passengers via an application for mobile phones, in addition to it will have the more traditional applications of traditional (such as the uber app) it will use artificial intelligence to the level of demand for services more efficiently; where would take into account the consequences of congestion, and the date of the ride, the weather, local events and in a particular area to study how much of the expected demand on the service and then send a taxi. Designed Sony to launch this system in the spring of the year as a companion for new payment, together with 6 Japanese companies include a fleet of 10 of thousands of taxi in the greater Tokyo area, which represents the largest urban agglomeration in Japan. And the Sony they work on product development that will allow operators to taxi others to participate as well. Come directly to Sony at the same time trying to house horse -CEO of uber – a partnership with taxi companies in Tokyo “and enjoy products powerful is that they did not encounter technological change,” according to a statement by house newspaper Bloomberg. Recall that aweber owns less than 1% of the taxi market to the Japanese in which $ 16 billion (SAR 60 billion). Source: The Verge

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