Sony: will be the launch of the PlayStation 5 before 2020

Referred company Sony that the next-generation platform, PlayStation PlayStation, which is currently the name of a PlayStation 5 or PS5 won’t be ready for release in 2019.

Revealed Takashi Mochizuki Takashi Mochizuki, the reporter in the Wall Street Journal on the website Twitter that the company Sony told reporters, during the session of questions and answers, it will not launch the platform PS5 during the next 12 months.

This means that history is likely to launch the PlayStation 5 will be during the summer or autumn of next year 2020, it usually launches the Sony platform has new games in the month of November, where they launched the PS4 on November 15, 2013, while launched the PS3 in November 11, 2006, which means the possibility of the launch of the PS5 in the middle of the month of November 2020.

It is supposed to reveal to Sony about a lot of details related to the new during the events of the E3 conference for the next year, according to the Japanese company will hold a press conference usual during the events of E3 this year.

However, it has been revealed by Sony recently about some of the main specifications for the PlayStation 5 the next, where the company promised users by providing graphics strictly 8K, and experience the sound of the three-dimensional has been improved a lot, the storage of the SSD to ensure faster loading times, compatibility with previous versions of the Games PlayStation 4 within PS5.

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It also explained that the PS5 uses CPU, and then the nuclei are supported on the second generation of the architecture Ryzen of the company I. M. de AMD, with guaranteed processing unit graphics support the graphics follow the Rays.

It seems that the unit of storage, the fastest SSD, and CPU the most powerful CPU, constitute the two big improvements for the next generation of PlayStation, which allows developers to use more strength and power in games.

It is expected that the company uses Microsoft similar specifications for the next generation of platform games xbox the Xbox, which is currently codenamed “Anaconda” Anaconda.

It is rumored that the Microsoft development platform my Xbox games two new to 2020, where the platform Anaconda successor for the Xbox One Xbox One X, while come home the second the law firm, Lockhart, and as the successor for the Xbox s Xbox One S.

Although Microsoft did not reveal official about its plans for the next generation of gaming platforms, but promised announcements big at E3 this year.

Revealed Sony about the sales of the PS4 platform has reached 96.8 million devices, making it close to the investigation sales of up to 100 million devices during the next quarter, which constitutes a high point in the record.

As explained by the presence of 36.4 million subscribers to PlayStation Plus, but the Japanese company expects to decrease its operating profit by 10 percent during the next quarter due to costs associated with the development of PlayStation 5.

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