Sony will be integrating the smart phone with the televisions section section cameras

Sony Xperia 1

It has a section of smart phones in the Sony known as Sony Mobile their independence., this is a good thing. Will merge this section with section in charge of TVs and values responsible for the audio devices and cameras to form a single section uniform Name Sony Electronics Products and Solutions.

Announced Sony about it as a step to increase synergies between the various electronics Sony knowing that the series phones Xperia modern Can a lot of things from my department, TVs and cameras, this is evident if you carefully consider the features that came with the phone Xperia 1 the latest from the Japanese company. In spite of these changes, you’ll encounter Sony to make the financial performance of the phones Xperia smartphone. However, some feel concerned that this attempt to hide the losses incurred by the Department of smart phones through the assembled sections with the Sony the most successful.

Struggling department smart phones Sony Mobile in recent years, it has sold 13.5 million smartphones only in the year 2017 as a whole, the company expected to sell 7 million units just in the year 2018. All of this comes with enormous financial losses, it incurred this section to losses estimated at more than 913 million USD during the four quarters of the last. For comparison, it has achieved the Department of TV and audio equipment profit amounted to 714 million US dollars, while the Department of camera operating profit of $ 804 million USD during the same period.

Trying to the Department of smartphones to cut costs to face increasing losses, the goal is to cut spending by 50 percent. Believes Sony to phones Xperia may begin to realize profits in the year 2021 at the earliest.

Department of smart phones in the Sony is working on 5G technology, not only for smartphones, but for products Sony other. About a year ago, said former CEO of Sony, Mr. Kaz Hirai to keep the section of smart phones alive was a strategic move to even be able to figure out how to take advantage of the Sony products as a whole. Echoed new CEO, Mr. Kenichiro Yoshida the same thing. By the way, declared Mr. Kaz Hirai retired after 35 years of work in the company Sony.

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