Sony unveils Xperia 1 Professional Edition in Japan


The phone version Sony Xperia 1 month ago last June, but decided to Sony now release a new version of this phone called Xperia 1 Professional Edition. This new version brings with it some modifications at the level of the screen and the camera and the additional connection to the LAN via a port USB Type-C.

Starting from the screen, you can still get a 4K OLED with a ratio of width to height of 9:21, but now there is also support for a signal 10Bit and to better the company. In the aspect of the camera, make Sony app Imaging Edge Mobile that allows you to transfer photos and videos wirelessly from the Sony cameras to the phone. There is also an additional feature called the Transfer & Tagging which allow designers to add tags, comments and audio to audio.


Addendum major recent new is additional support for communication Ethernet via USB Type-C. unfortunately, didn’t Sony include the required in the phone box. For add other interesting are support landscape mode for the main screen which is the addendum that are likely to come to the phone Xperia normal 1 with update will get your phone in the future.

As for the rest of the basic specs of the phone, it remained without change, it still boasts a processor Snapdragon 855, the و6GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal memory. Moreover, this phone still has the same battery that has a capacity of a 3330mAh, and work Android 9 Pie.

The cost of the phone Xperia 1 Professional Edition towards 143 thousand yen, which is equivalent to 1320 USD, will be displayed for sale in Japan starting October 25.


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