Sony to reveal the prices of TVs 2019 related to its master Z9G measuring 98 inches at a price of$ 70,000 to

سوني تكشف عن أسعار أجهزة تلفاز 2019 يتصدرها ماستر Z9G قياس 98 بوصة بسعر 70,000$

After Sony unveiled its latest TVs in my gallery CES2019 last January, here she is today closer to launch in the market effectively over the coming weeks, and in a proactive step for the Today revealed the prices of master chain containing devices accurately 8K and 4K sizes large.

Located on the top of the list in terms of price and quality of the display TV the Sony from series Master Z9G with a resolution of 8K, led by 98-inch with its price as stated in the title, $ 70,000, which of course targets a very narrow segment given the price of its high accuracy and high presentation that you need for my 8K which is currently not available on a large scale.

Seems to price in a series of Master Z9G estimated at $ 13,000, but the size of 85 inches, and that the series A9G screen OLED ودقة4K start at $ 3,500 to measure 55-inch and seed her for $ 8000 to measure 77 inches which in turn form a lower price for those interested in high-quality with many of the attributes as watch the content of Netflix by default.

It will also provide Sony TVs cost less than the devices mentioned, a series A8G 4K resolution HDR, of course, by a lower but effective whereas the price of the 55-inch $ 2,500 while larger value of 65-inch will be priced at $ 3,500 where the market will be in May next.

While style the other is from the category of LED screens and LCD number of different options either the price or the specifications of the interior, for example, a series X950G include a 55-inch priced at $ 1500 between the larger measurement of 85 inches at a price of $ 5,000, which is scheduled for launch during the next few days.

As to the specification of the low price provided by the company in a series X800G beginning from $ 650 to measure 46 inches down $ 2000 to measure 75 inches and, of course, provide the 4K HDR.

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