Sony to rename their application Play Memories Mobile with the addition of a tool to transfer a new

سوني تُعيد تسمية تطبيقها Play Memories Mobile مع إضافة أداة نقل جديدة

For photographers who have a DSLR camera from Sony equipped with Wi-Fi, had them a useful tool that will enable remote shooting and transfer photos easily to a smartphone, this is the tool to apply the Play Memories Mobile, today prompted the company to update the new application on Android, and renamed, in addition to having tools and new features.

For shopping, it has become the app carries the name of the Imaging Edge Mobile, and still does what it was developed for, and with a significant improvements, providing this new version to capture photos and videos remotely and via Direct presentation, as well as to transfer the batch file to the phone, as well as to support the recording of location information notification when an update is available for your camera.

Finally there is an additional component that the application supports the campaign name Transfer & Tagging, and with can FTP transfer in the background without affecting the use of the camera constant, as it will allow you to enter the images without the use of hands to investigate and discrimination, which may save you a long time, it can also assign shortcuts and presets for words or common signs.

Download app Imaging Edge Mobile Of Here.

Download the Transfer app & Tagging from here.

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