Sony stopped the process of the development of the line Xperia Home Launcher


If you are a fan of place Xperia Home Launcher from Sony, you may not be happy to know that the company has made a commercial decision to cease the development of this car. This means that the car will not get any new features anymore, and this in turn means that the updates that will be released in the future this car will come to fix some of the errors only.

It is common for smart phones running Android use one different for each manufacturer separately. For example, Samsung phones come with the line Samsung Experience, and phones Huawei with car EMUI, while come phones Xiaomi with car MIUI 10. As for Sony, they have begun to charge car Xperia Home Launcher with smart phones a while ago, but decided to stop the development from now on.

Ms. Erika Prymus, a city Xperia Home Open Beta on the social network Google +that the company made a commercial decision to transfer car Xperia Home Launcher to the ” maintenance phase“, which basically means that they will not be developing any new features.

Updates to be sent by Sony to the this line in the future will bring some fixes only ” as long as necessary“, so there is no guarantee that the line Xperia Home Launcher will get the reforms forever. This resulted in resolution also closed the program Xperia Home Open Beta.

Likely to pick up Sony with a car in the foreseeable future without making any improvements, but it remains to be seen if she was planning to do the same thing that was done by company HMD Global Oy with Nokia phones by using the interface of Android raw.



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