Sony stopped manufacturing the devices and PlayStation Vita

What we used to call him all last year is now a fact, as Sony announced it manufacturing device of mobile games for the PlayStation Vita in Japan in a first step the device finish fully later.

The move comes after several months of stop selling games device in the United States and Europe. Especially after Jim Ryan the head of the sector for the PlayStation in Europe that your Vita is no longer an active forum.

Sony has launched a device the Vita in Japan late in 2011 and in the following year all over the world, and the development of the device by launching a lighter version in 2013 in Japan and Tallinn all over the world.

Injection device at the beginning of its launch the success of the concrete due to the strength and manifestations of high quality and move from your home games great disks, laser, portable gaming device and memory cards, and now after the PlayStation Vita can say that it was the seed of birth for your Nintendo Switch which made it better fit this time.

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