Sony shut down the factory for smartphones in China

In order to reduce costs and continuous losses, the company decided to Sony the closure of one of the sources smart phone in the Chinese capital Beijing in the hope that speaking the smart phone sector to profitability in the future.

And me Sony years ago loss level in the sector of smart phones, in the past year amounted to losses $ 863 million. Aim Sony of the closure of this factory to save costs and squeeze the oil in an attempt to assess the losses to the sector.

A police spokesman confirmed that the closure of this Egyptian nothing to do superstitious business between China and the United States, and by the end of the current month will stop Sony from manufacturing processes, and of course with the closure of the plant will be laid off the entire staff which was not revealed by Sony, and here the number of laid-off workers.

And about the China factory will use Sony for the manufacture of its smart phones at its plant in Thailand will also manufacture some of the components to companies contracting with them.

Years ago, rumors appeared about create Sony for this sector loser who drains the company’s funds, and conducted Sony some modifications such as reducing the number of new phones that are asked every year, and I tried to modify the designs of some of its phones in the hope of re-attracting attention to it.

It provides analysts to sell Sony this entire sector so that market share does not reach 1% of smartphone shipments reached 6.5 million phones were shipped last year, mostly to Japan and Europe.

And Japanese companies specialized in the manufacture of smart phones constantly, has sold Fujitsu train phones to company investment and financing risk Polaris Capital Group keeps companies like Sony and sharp and Kyocera, which can’t compete with any of the companies are Chinese or Korean or even American.

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