Sony share partnership with Light of America for phones with a large number of cameras

سوني وشاومي توقعان شراكة مع Light الأمريكية لتطوير هواتف بعدد كبير من الكاميرات

Not more optimistic during the past five years on the higher estimate that up the number of cameras in the phone to 7 or even 8, but large companies over the past years have contributed to raising expectations by increasing the number of cameras to 4 and 5 cameras in the back only, although a company such as Light of America last year launched phone is a collection of cameras with 16 lenses but it wasn’t as good potential.

Now, the same company you want the phone to be more advanced, where they signed a partnership with Sony andShawty the lead in the field of cameras and smart phones to the development of devices with high contain a large number of lenses to change. The company says that it will help Sony in put 4 cameras or more in the hobby by the law, in exchange for the benefit of the Japanese company in the sensor light at least, as for those they may be provided to cut off phones, etc.

Welcomes the Light by making the smart phone able to take quality photos a DSLR camera, which is the reason behind their new partnership. It began its work with the phone Nokia 9 , which detected the beginning of the week and 5 camera back, before announcing the purchase of its current.

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