Sony reveals the first details about the Playstation 5 Associated

playstation 5

There was a lot of focus on services broadcast games that will enable players to play games on their mobile devices because all of the heavy lifting done in the cloud. Both Google and Microsoft on such services, but feel Sony that it was still necessary to issue a successor for Playstation 4 Pro with technical specifications better, we have confirmed the Japanese company already now some details about the Playstation 5.

Said the head of Sony, Mr. Kenichiro Yoshida that it’s important to have ” the next generation of gear ” after a Playstation 4 Pro, which basically means that there will be a Playstation 5. Confirmed System Engineer, Mr. Mark Cerny just Wired to next-generation Playstation will feature the second generation of AMD processor Ryzen with eight cores based on architectural 7nn Zen 2.

There will also be Processor Graphics special based on the series AMD Radeon Navi Series with support for advanced lighting, Ray-Tracing, which is currently limited to computers, advanced gaming. There will be also a kind of support sound three-dimensional. I’ve now confirmed that the Playstation 5 will pay for the operations of the 8K will be shipped with an internal memory of the type of SSD which will speed renewal and minimize loading times.

Because the architecture will include those used in the Playstation 4, it will be compatible with games that last and also a helmet virtual reality Playstation VR. However, did not confirm the US Sony if I was going to name Playstation 5, or a different name, but this is what will save most people money on them. Before concluding, We would like to point out that Sony will bring to its annual E3 2019, so it is not clear at the moment when the company intends to unveil the next generation of Playstation.

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