Sony reveals some specs of internal been the fifth generation next

سوني تكشف بعض المواصفات الداخلية لبلايستيشن الجيل الخامس

After it became known the work of Sony on PlayStation the fifth generation who sleep for more than a permit from officials in the company including what he said its executive director Kaneshiro Yoshida about the need to export Unity games a new dimension to the public during the coming period, revealed today some details about the structure isn 5 next on the lips of the engineer unit of the games Mark Cerny.

He said that the upcoming device will processor AMD Rayen of the third generation with 7 nm eight-core will be integrated to work in conjunction with the graphics processing unit high-quality series Radeon Navi designed by AMD which supports tracking technology the beam for the issuance of a high resolution image trying to the true reality, in addition to advanced lighting techniques, three-dimensional sound decision in current time on computers and games supported with the latest releases chips with high price of course.

As noted by Cerny to be the next generation of PlayStation will support to show 8K as it will come with the unit SSD storage which in turn will accelerate the response in the device and the period of waiting during the download the games, came to talk about that its operating system would be similar to لـPS4 will be his toys, will also support a system of virtual reality PSVR without development if the company was working on a new going unit with her toys next.

As for the launch has outweighed expectations that the device will not see its place in the market during the current year with to launch it by 2020, with holding the reader drives the laser with the knowledge that Microsoft has become as close as possible to the launch of the console games digital Xbox one free of the drive as well as with and account of the service of cloud gaming of the Stadia where you will get the next period competition is fierce in the gaming field.

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